International Music Festival 25
Semi-final 1 date 25 April 2015
Semi-final 2 date 25 April 2015
Final date 30 April 2015
Venue Sweden Malmö
Presenter(s) Sanna Nielsen & Robin Paulsson
Broadcaster SVT
Opening act SF1: Dinah Nah - "Make Me (La La La)
SF2: Loreen - "Paperlight"
Final: Mans Zelmerlöw - "Heroes,Cara Mia,Hope & Glory"
Interval act SF1: Eric Saade - "Sting"
SF2: Lykke Li - "Gunshot"
Final: Stockholm Syndrome - Kalabalik
Entries 49
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner USA "Biscuit"
International Music Festival
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International Music Festival 25, often referred to as IMF #25, is the up-coming 25th edition of International Music Festival. It will be held in Sweden after the victory of Dinah Nah with her song "Make Me (La La La)".



Semi-final and Grand Final allocation drawEdit

Semi-final Allocation DrawEdit

The draw that determined the semi-final allocation was held on April 17,2015 at the Malmö Arena. The participating countries, excluding the Big 6 countries, were split into seven pots, based on voting history and geographical location. From these pots, 23 countries each were allocated to compete in first semifinal, and 22 in second semifinal. The pots are as follows:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6 Pot 7

The big six countries will vote as follow: Azerbaijan with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada in the first semifinal, while Italy with Russia  and South Korea into the second semifinal.

Running OrderEdit


Returning artistsEdit


Semifinal 1Edit

Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada will vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Iceland Iceland Yohanna "Nótt" 18 37
02 USA United States Ivy Levan "Biscuit" 3 111
03 Flag of Albania Albania Besa "Mbretëreshë" 4 96
04 Flag of Portugal Portugal Carolina Deslandes ft. Agir "Mountains" 17 50
05 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Angela Zhang "Yángguāng, Kōngqì" 16 55
06 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Ruby Frost "Comeback Queen" 12 63
07 Flag of Armenia Armenia Mary Aydinyan "Achqeris Nayir" 5 91
08 Flag of Serbia Serbia Lejla Hot "Zar me je tako tesko voleti" 19 32
09 Flag of Finland Finland Softengine "What If I?" 15 57
10 Flag of Moldova Moldova Angelika Vee "Impreuna Iar" 14 58
11 Flag of Latvia Latvia Niko "Here I Am Again" 9 77
12 Flag of Turkey Turkey Atiye "Sor" 13 62
13 Flag of Belgium Belgium Jelle van Dael "Another Day" 6 84
14 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia HRDZA "Taká Sa Mi Páči" 20 30
15 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Debbi "You Take Me There" 11 64
16 Flag of Ireland Ireland HomeTown "Cry For Help" 7 80
17 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A Studio & Tomas "Falling For You" 2 120
18 Flag of Greece Greece Giorgos Sabanis "Prin peis s'agapao" 22 22
19 Flag of Romania Romania Pitt Leffer "No Lies" 21 23
20 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Lana Jurčević & Luka Nižetić "Od Najgorih Najbolji" 10 77
21 Flag of France France Cécile Corbel "Entendez-Vous" 1 135
22 Flag of Sweden Sweden Em "Rising In Love" 8 79

Semifinal 2Edit

Italy, Russia and Ukraine will vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Beatrice Egli "Auf die Plätze,fertig, ins Glück!" 17 51
02 Flag of Hungary Hungary Wellhello "Rakpart" 19 34
03 Flag of Belarus Belarus Ruslan Alehno ft. Valeriya "Serdste Iz Stekla" 5 93
04 Flag of Norway Norway Anina "Brain Break" 15 55
05 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 4 Roses "Kartu" 20 21
06 Flag of Morocco Morocco Najoua Belyzel "Comme Toi" 6 90
07 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Hovig "Stone In A River" 11 71
08 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Kensington "Streets" 2 110
09 Flag of Israel Israel Shiri Maimon "Waiting For An Answer" 10 72
10 Flag of Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo "Vulnerable" 8 83
11 Flag of Georgia Georgia Irakli "Ya Tebya Ljublju" 13 60
12 Flag of Austria Austria Nihils "Help Our Souls" 16 54
13 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Cheryl "Only Human" 1 112
14 Flag of China China Jane Zhang "Painted Heart" 18 39
15 Flag of San Marino San Marino Senhit "Rock Me Up" 7 87
16 Flag of Croatia Croatia Pamela Ramljak "Kad je dosta,dosta je" 4 106
17 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Darko Ilievski "Nok So Tebe" 12 60
18 Flag of Australia1 Australia Sia "Big Girls Cry" 9 82
19 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Manca Špik "Tukaj sem doma" 14 58
20 Flag of Poland Poland Magik Band "Ania" 21 6
21 Flag of Germany Germany Frida Gold "6 Billionen" 3 106

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom English Cheryl "Only Human" 6 144
02 Flag of Morocco Morocco French Najoua Belyzel "Comme Toi" 15 95
03 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan English A Studio & Tomas "Falling For You" 13 108
04 Flag of Latvia Latvia English Niko "Here I Am Again" 22 73
05 Flag of Russia Russia Russian Dante "Pod kozhu" 19 84
06 Flag of France France French Cécile Corbel "Entendez-vous" 5 148
07 Flag of Albania Albania Albanian Besa "Mbretëreshë" 8 131
08 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian Ani Lorak "Zazhigaj Serdce" 4 148
09 Flag of Germany Germany German Frida Gold "6 Billionen" 12 115
10 Flag of Canada Canada English Walk Off The Earth "Rule The World" 2 186
11 Flag of Australia1 Australia English Sia "Big Girls Cry" 18 89
12 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Montenegrin Lana Jurčević & Luka Nižetić "Od Najgorih Najbolji" 14 103
13 Flag of Italy Italy Italian Annalisa "Sento sole il presente" 9 127
14 Flag of San Marino San Marino English Senhit "Rock Me Up" 16 93
15 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Seka Aleksic "Soba 22" 24 38
16 USA United States English Ivy Levan "Biscuit" 1 265
17 Flag of Belgium Belgium English Jelle van Dael "Another Day" 11 115
18 Flag of Croatia Croatia Croatian Pamela Ramljak "Kad je dosta, dosta je" 10 121
19 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands English Kensington "Streets" 3 168
20 Flag of Ireland Ireland English HomeTown "Cry For Help" 7 133
21 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Umman "Yene seni severem" 26 12
22 Flag of Sweden Sweden English Em "Rising In Love" 17 89
23 Flag of Armenia Armenia Armenian Mary Aydinyan "Acherqeris Nayir" 21 78
24 Flag of Spain Spain Spanish Ruth Lorenzo "Vulnerable" 20 79
25 Flag of Belarus Belarus Russian Ruslan Alehno ft. Valeriya "Serdste Iz Stekla" 23 70
26 Flag of Israel Israel English Shiri Maimon "Waiting For An Answer" 25 31

International broadcasts and votingEdit

Voting and spokepersonsEdit

  1. Ukraine Max Barskih (Ukrainian representative in the 11th edition)
  2. Spain Edurne
  3. Romania Inna (Romanian representative in the 14th and 21st editon)
  4. United Kingdom Olly Murs (British representative in the 4th edition)
  5. Italy Marco Mengoni (Italian representative in the 15th and 19th editon)
  6. Austria Conchita Wurst (Austrian representative in the 13th,15th,20th and 24th editon)
  7. Albania Elhaida Dani
  8. Latvia Markus Riva (Latvian representative in the 23rd edition)
  9. Montenegro Lana Jurcevic (Montenegrin representative in the 7th,12th,16th and 25th edition)
  10. Ireland Nicky Byrne (Irish representative in the 21st edition as part of Westlife)
  11. Slovenia Maja Keuc
  12. Finland Benjamin Peltonen (Finnish representative in the 21st edition)
  13. Israel Mei Finegold (Israeli representative in the 12th edition and 14th edition)
  14. Switzerland Luca Hänni
  15. Georgia Nina Sublatti
  16. USA Jennifer Lopez (American representative in the 10th edition,11th edition and 12th edition)
  17. Portugal David Carreira (Portuguese representative in the 16th edition)

  1. San Marino Valentina Monetta (San Marinese representative in the 5th and 15th editon)
  2. France Camille Lacourt
  3. Serbia Milan Stankovic (Serbian representative in the 8th edition)
  4. Netherlands Tim Douwsma
  5. Russia Polina Gagarina
  6. Kazakhstan Zhanar Dugalova (Kazakh representative in the 12th and 22nd editon)
  7. Morocco Samira Said (Moroccan representative in the 17th and 22nd editon)
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina Maya Sar (Bosnian representative in the 3rd edition)
  9. Norway Tone Damli
  10. Canada Carly Rae Jepsen
  11. Azerbaijan Safura (Azerbaijani representative in the 2nd,3rd and 5th edition)
  12. New Zealand Lorde
  13. Belgium Loïc Nottet
  14. Sweden Dinah Nah (Swedish representative in the 24th edition)
  15. Belarus Julia Parshuta (Belarussian representative in the 19th edition)
  16. Australia Guy Sebastian (Australian representative in the 8th edition)

  1. Lithuania Vaidas Baumila
  2. Iceland Benedict Valsson
  3. Turkey Murat Dalkılıç
  4. Taiwan Jeannie Hsieh
  5. Macedonia Vlatko Lozanoski (Macedonian representative in the 13th edition)
  6. Germany Johannes Strate
  7. Moldova Aliona Moon (Moldavian representative in the 5th edition)
  8. Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak
  9. Cyprus Ivi Adamou (Cypriot representative in the 4th edition,5th edition and 8th edition)
  10. Croatia Severina (Croatian representative in the 18th edition,20th edition and 21stedition)
  11. Hungary András Kállay-Saunders (Hungarian representative in the 15th and 17th editon)
  12. Czech Republic Mafia Corner
  13. China Alan (Chinese representative in the 2nd,9th,10th and 23rd editon)
  14. Slovakia Celeste Buckingham (Slovakian representative in the 22nd edition)
  15. Greece Helena Paparizou (Greek and Cypriot representative in the 6th edition,10th edition and 14th edition)
  16. Armenia Lilit Hovhannisyan (Austrian representative in the 7th,16th,19th and 24th editon)
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