International Music Festival 42
Flowers Falling Down
Semi-final 1 date 4 April
Semi-final 2 date 8 April
Final date 10 April
Venue Poland Warsaw
Presenter(s) Piasek
Broadcaster TVP
Opening act Semi-final 1: Chainsmokers - "Closer"
Semi-final 2: Aneta Sablik - "Unsere Liebe Ist Aus Gold"
Grand Final: Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts"
Interval act Semi-final 1: Oonagh - "Eldamar"
Semi-final 2: Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts"
Grand Final: Waving flags of each country
Entries 50
Debuting None
Returning Greenland Greenland
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Withdrawing Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
System Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Norway qleo ft lazee someone watching me
International Music Festival
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International Music Festival 42, often referred to as IMF #19, is the 19th edition of International Music Festival. It was held in Germany following Cory Lee's victory with "Play Dumb".

Location Edit

Gelsenkirchen (German pronunciation: [ˌɡɛlzənˈkɪʁçən]) is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the northern part of the Ruhr area. Its population in 2012 was c. 257,600.

Gelsenkirchen was first documented in 1150, but it remained a tiny village until the 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution led to the growth of the entire area. In 1840, when the mining of coal began, 6,000 inhabitants lived in Gelsenkirchen; in 1900 the population had increased to 138,000.

In the early 20th century Gelsenkirchen was the most important coal mining town in Europe. It was called the "city of a thousand fires", for the flames of mine gasses flaring at night. In 1928 Gelsenkirchen was merged with the adjoining cities of Buer and Horst (de). The city bore the name Gelsenkirchen-Buer, until it was renamed Gelsenkirchen in 1930. During the Nazi era Gelsenkirchen remained a centre of coal production and oil refining, and for this reason it was bombed by Allied air raids in World War II. During the war, it was the site of a women's subcamp of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Today in Gelsenkirchen there are no collieries any more and Gelsenkirchen is searching for a new image, having been hit for decades with one of the highest unemployment rates of Germany. Today Germany's largest solar power plant is located in the city. In Gelsenkirchen-Scholven there is a coal-fired power station with the tallest chimneys in Germany (302 m). Gelsenkirchen is home of the famous football club Schalke 04, which is named after the borough Schalke, while the club's stadium, the Veltins-Arena, is located in the borough of Erle.

Bidding phase Edit

On Monday, 27 October, NDR presented the three venues which enter the bidding phase. Along with the theme art, it was revealed on October 29 that Gelsenkirchen will host the 19th edition. The Veltins Arena will host the competition with a seating of 60,000. NDR stated since there's a huge interest in the tickets that there could be up to 57,000 seats and space for 8,000 fans in the standing area.


The candidate cities from left to right: Cologne, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg.

City Venue Capacity Notes
Hamburg O2 World 16,000 Named into O2 Arena in 2010 , hosts ice-hockey events and concerts.
Cologne Lanxess Arena 20,000 Opened in 1998 and offers space for 20,000 viewers.
Gelsenkirchen Veltins Arena 61,973 Built in the late 90's and opened some years later the Veltins Arena is the most modern multifunctional arena in whole europe.

Format Edit

Semi-final allocation draw Edit

The draw that determined the semi-final allocation was held on 31 October 2014.  The big 6 countries were first drawn to determine in which semi-final would each country vote. Germany ,Ireland and Kosovo were drawn to vote in the first semi-final while Azerbaijan,Portugal and Sweden were drawn to vote in the second semi-final. The rest of the forty-one countries were divided into six pots, based on their geographical place. Each time a country was drawn from the pot, its semi-final and half of the semi-final was determined.

The six pots were the following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6

Confirmed participantsEdit

Returning artistsEdit

Vessy Boneva already represented Bulgaria in the eleventh edition. Myra Sky returns for Egypt after scoring the only final participation of Egypt in the fourteenth edition. Tolvai Reni represented Hungary already in the fourteenth edition under her real name Tolvai Renáta. Jón Jónsson is making his comeback for Iceland after representing it in the fourth edition. Marco Mengoni tries for Italy again since he represented it in the fifteenth edition. Maude is coming back for Monaco since her last participation in the seventeenth edition. Ruth Lorenzo already represented Spain in the eigth and fifteenth edition.

Semi-final 1 Edit

Flag of Germany Germany , Flag of Ireland Ireland and Flag of Kosovo Kosovo vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Ameerah ft. Regi "Tears to Dust" 17 38
02 Flag of Greece Greece Dimension-X , Michael Tsaousopoulos ft. Katerina Lioliu "Everything About You" 20 24
03 Flag of France France Marie-Mai "Indivisible" 9 78
04 Flag of Algeria Algeria Leila "Soldat" 15 45
05 Flag of Monaco Monaco Maude "Rise Up" 1 140
06 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia September "Cry For You" 2 121
07 Flag of Poland Poland Donatan & Cleo ft. Enej "Brać" 13 55
08 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Nebe "Než Se Rozední" 14 48
09 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivør "Rain" 5 88
10 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Vessy Boneva ft. Goodslav "Obseben Si" 10 77
11 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands The Common Linnets "Give Me A Reason" 12 66
12 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Kali A Grimaso "Kam Až" 22 6
13 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Lara Fabian & Mustafa Ceceli "Make Me Yours Tonight" 4 112
14 Flag of Israel Israel Mooke "Free Heart" 16 44
15 Flag of Russia Russia Sergey Lazarev "Stumblin" 11 76
16 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Sara "Private Show" 8 79
17 Flag of Denmark Denmark Celina Ree "Når Du Rør Ved Mig" 7 83
18 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Sergej Cetkovic "Dva Minuta" 19 25
19 Flag of Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Dove Si Vola" 18 30
20 Flag of Estonia Estonia Helen Adamson ft. Lana Shea "Burn" 21 14
21 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Diana Haddad ft. Zâd "La Fiesta" 3 116
22 Flag of Turkey Turkey Kenan Williams "Warrior" 6 84

Semi-final 2 Edit

Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan , Flag of Portugal Portugal and Flag of Sweden Sweden vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Serbia Serbia Ana Nikolić "Djavo" 20 25
02 Flag of San Marino San Marino Francesca Maria ft. Jayko , Cisa & Drooid "Dale Dale" 19 26
03 Flag of Egypt Egypt Myra Sky "Hurricane" 1 134
04 Flag of Croatia Croatia Neda Parmac "Dajte Da Se Probudim" 7 88
05 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Girmantė "Tik Leisk" 13 47
06 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Maria Elena Kiriakou "Dio Egoismoi" 12 63
07 Greenland Greenland Julie Bjerre "Zero" 15 46
08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Maya Berovic "Alkohol" 14 47
09 Flag of Romania Romania Raluka "All For You" 8 85
10 Flag of Hungary Hungary Tolvai Reni "Shout" 2 125
11 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Janet Devlin "Wonderful" 11 67
12 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Beatrice Egli "Irgendwann" 16 45
13 Flag of Belarus Belarus Julia Parshuta "Cut Me Open" 6 89
14 Flag of Armenia Armenia Lilit Hovhannisyan "Qez Khabel Em" 22 13
15 Flag of Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo "Gigantes" 3 109
16 Flag of Latvia Latvia Tribes of The City "A Day In The City" 21 15
17 Flag of Iceland Iceland Jón Jónsson "Feel For You" 10 68
18 Flag of Austria Austria Oliver Pum ft. Max Kühnel "Your Time" 17 44
19 Flag of Norway Norway Qleo "Someone's Watching Me" 4 107
20 Flag of Moldova Moldova Boris Covali "Flying" 5 105
21 Flag of Georgia Georgia Yaseniya "Mon Ami" 18 32
22 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Stefanie Heinzmann "Show Me The Way" 9 70


The 6 countries finishing in the top 6 of the last edition are already qualified for the grand final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Sara "Private Show" 21 82
02 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Diana Haddad ft. Zâd "La Fiesta" 7 143
03 Flag of Norway Norway Qleo "Someone's Watching Me" 18 97
04 Flag of Sweden Sweden Zara Larsson "Carry You Home" 14 116
05 Flag of Monaco Monaco Maude "Rise Up" 2 181
06 Flag of France France Marie-Mai "Indivisible" 20 90
07 Flag of Kosovo Kosovo Teuta Kurti "Perendo Pa Lindur" 24 58
08 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Vessy Boneva ft. Goodslav "Obseben Si" 6 149
09 Flag of Germany Germany Kerstin Merlin "Himmel und Hölle" 3 168
10 Flag of Moldova Moldova Boris Covali "Flying" 15 116
11 Flag of Belarus Belarus Julia Parshuta "Cut Me Open" 11 125
12 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Sheyh Ree "Radio Star" 26 5
13 Flag of Romania Romania Raluka "All For You" 19 93
14 Flag of Iceland Iceland Jón Jónsson "Feel For You" 22 63
15 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Stefanie Heinzmann "Show Me The Way" 5 160
16 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia September "Cry For You" 13 118
17 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Lara Fabian & Mustafa Ceceli "Make Me Yours Tonight" 10 129
18 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivør "Rain" 12 124
19 Flag of Portugal Portugal Monica Ferraz "Let Me Be" 25 43
20 Flag of Spain Spain Ruth Lorenzo "Gigantes" 1 187
21 Flag of Turkey Turkey Kenan Williams "Warrior" 17 100
22 Flag of Denmark Denmark Celina Ree "Når Du Rør Ved Mig" 16 113
23 Flag of Hungary Hungary Tolvai Reni "Shout" 8 142
24 Flag of Croatia Croatia Neda Parmac "Dajte Da Se Probudim" 9 131
25 Flag of Egypt Egypt Myra Sky "Hurricane" 4 163
26 Flag of Ireland Ireland The Brilliant Things  "Feels Like Summer" 23 62

Other countriesEdit

Further information: List of countries in the International Music Festival

Countries that are active members of the IBU, are also eligible to participate in the International Music Festival. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members have been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. So far 50 countries have confirmed their participation. Whilst a decision from the remaining invited IBU Active Members has yet to be announced, the following list of countries have announced their decisions.

Active IBU members Edit

  • Flag of Romania Romania: Romanian broadcaster TVR confirmed on October 4 that Romania won't participate in the next edition to to financial budget cuts. A return in the jubilee 20th edition hasn't been ruled out. On October 25, TVR changed their mind and confirmed the romanian participation.
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania : LTV confirmed that a poll had the results that 73% of the public want Lithuania to withdraw. However, the broadcaster confirmed the withdrawal on 15 October shortly after the second semi-final results, where Lithuania did not qualify to the final. On 19 October, LTV announced that they will participate in the nineteenth edition. A changement in the broadcasting team is the reason why Lithuania gathered new hope in their participation.
  • Flag of Albania Albania : RTSH announced that Albania is not going to compete in the 19th edition. No reasons have been given yet.

Most likely to participate Edit

Participation in doubt Edit

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine : NTU stated on October 11 that due to financial cuts and some disuccsions at the broadcasting station a participation is not decided yet. On October 25, NTU announced that Ukraine is not gonna participate in the next edition.

Voting and spokespersons Edit

  1. Germany Ina Müller
  2. Ireland The Script
  3. Tunisia Shiri Maimon
  4. Belarus Natalia Podolskaya
  5. Georgia Sofia Nizharadze
  6. Romania Alexandra Stan
  7. Slovakia Celeste Buckingham
  8. Lithuania Sasha Son
  9. Lebanon Haifa Wehbe
  10. Bulgaria Sanya Armutlieva
  11. Liechtenstein Marco Büchel
  12. Austria Arnold Schwarzenegger
  13. Bosnia and Herzegovina Pamela Ramljak
  14. Netherlands Tim Douwsma
  15. Norway Didrik Solli-Tangen
  16. Sweden Julia Kedhammar
  17. Switzerland Luca Hänni

  1. Iceland Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir
  2. Turkey Hadise
  3. Egypt Ruby
  4. Luxembourg Angel at my Table
  5. Cyprus Tulisa
  6. Algeria Amel Bent
  7. Estonia Tanja
  8. Montenegro Knez
  9. None Cory Lee
  10. Hungary Sven Csongar
  11. Spain Roko
  12. Macedonia Tijana Dapcevic
  13. Portugal Kika
  14. Slovenia Omar Naber
  15. Monaco Valérie Benaïm
  16. Israel Carly Rose
  17. Denmark Elize Ryd

  1. Moldova Aliona Moon
  2. Poland Agata Dziarmagowska
  3. United Kingdom Leona Lewis
  4. Armenia Betty
  5. Serbia Moje 3
  6. San Marino Michele and Anita
  7. Czech Republic Tereza Kerndlová
  8. Russia Sergey Lazarev
  9. Croatia Nina Badric
  10. Greenland Ida
  11. Italy Annalisa
  12. Latvia Jenny May
  13. Greece Sakis Rouvas
  14. France Kendji Girac
  15. Faroe Islands Flamma
  16. Kosovo Rita Ora
  17. Azerbaijan Eldar Qasimov

Voting gridsEdit


Voting results
Total Score NGermany NIreland NTunisia NBelarus NGeorgia NRomania NSlovakia NLithuania NLebanon NBulgaria NLiechtenstein NAustria NBosniaHerzegovina NNetherlands NNorway NSweden NSwitzerland NIceland NTurkey NEgypt NLuxembourg NCyprus NAlgeria 16px NHungary NSpain NMacedonia NPortugal NSlovenia NMonaco NIsrael 16px NMoldova NPoland NUnitedKingdom NArmenia NSerbia NSanMarino NCzechRepublic NRussia 16px 16px NItaly NLatvia NGreece NFrance NFaroeIslands NKosovo NAzerbaijan NCzechRepublic
Faroe I.
The table is ordered by appearance in the voting.

12 pointsEdit

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another in the final:

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
7 Flag of Germany Germany Austria,Czech Republic,Denmark,Kosovo,Montenegro,Poland,Sweden
6 Flag of Hungary Hungary Armenia,Israel,Liechtenstein,Luxembourg,Slovenia,United Kingdom
4 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina,Cyprus,France,Lebanon
Flag of Denmark Denmark Faroe Islands,Iceland,Portugal,Switzerland
Flag of Egypt Egypt Algeria,Belarus,Greenland,Tunisia
3 Flag of Spain Spain Croatia,Germany,Rest of the world
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Azerbaijan,Latvia,Moldova
2 Flag of Belarus Belarus Georgia,Russia
Flag of Iceland Iceland Serbia,Slovakia
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Egypt ,Estonia
Flag of Monaco Monaco FYR Macedonia,Ireland
Flag of Moldova Moldova Norway,Turkey
Flag of Sweden Sweden Hungary,Spain
1 Flag of Croatia Croatia Greece
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Lithuania
Flag of France France Romania
Flag of Ireland Ireland Monaco
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Netherlands
Flag of Norway Norway San Marino
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Bulgaria
Flag of Turkey Turkey Italy

Official albumEdit

InternationalMusicFestival albumcover

International Music Festival 19 - The Official Album, is a compilation album put together by the International Broadcasting Union, and was released by International Music Group on 10 November 2014. The album features all fifty songs from the contest.

Chart positions of the International Music Festival 19 AlbumEdit

Edition Album Chart positions Date of release
Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Austria Austria Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Hungary Hungary Flag of Iceland Iceland Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Spain Spain Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
#19 International Music Festival #19 1
(.. weeks)
(.. weeks)
Release: 10 November 2014

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