IMF Awards are the contest's music awards, honoring songs and singers from each edition on a certain category.

History Edit

The IMF Awards were first held after the 32nd edition. The nominees were announced after the final results.

Ceremonies Edit

The very first ceremony was held after the 34th edition.

IMF 34Edit

The first ceremony was held for the thirty-fourth edition of the contest. The ceremony took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, the host of the thirty-fourth edition. The nominees were revealed on 13 July 2016 and the voting started the same day. The winners were revealed on 26 July 2016.

Categories and nominees
Best Female Artist Best Male Artist
Best Group / Duet Best Microstate Song 
Best Song Best Voting Speech
  • Flag of Sweden Lynda Woodruff
    • Flag of Albania Ronela Hajati
    • Flag of Azerbaijan Samra Rahimli
    • Flag of Latvia Justs Sirmais
    • Flag of Ukraine Jamala
    • Flag of United Kingdom Natalia Kills
Best Big 6 Song Best Voting bloc
  • Flag of Germany and Flag of Switzerland
    • Flag of Monaco and Flag of Latvia
    • Flag of Sweden and Flag of Denmark
    • Flag of Algeria and Flag of Australia
    • Flag of Moldova and Flag of Romania
    • Flag of Kosovo and Flag of Albania
Best Video Best National selection
Best Lyrics Best Non-qualifier Song
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